I’m Harings Rob. Living in Belgium, traveling Europe.

When I was 15 I quit school just so I could work with computers. While fixing computers I learned myself how to program in order to automate repetitive tasks. When my work was almost fully automated I learned how to make websites and this is how I became a programmer.

Over the years I kept improving my programming skills by working on and with open-source projects. I have met a lot of inspiring people who helped me grow as a person.

These days I am working on more complex back-end projects and my own start-up projects. I also love working on developer experience enhancing tools and implementations.

I am a huge fan of isomorphic code/frameworks. I believe that it helps developer productivity as it reduces a lot of the overhead splitted apps have. And while I currently use Neovim as my daily driver you will see me use other editors and IDE`s as well.