Hard and software I use daily to get my things done!

These are a some of the things I use daily. While there is much more than this, these are the most important!


  • 16” MacBook Pro, M1 Pro, 16GB RAM (2021)

    While I will switch to a smaller model once this one is becoming too slow, this Macbook is the key to my productivity.

  • Samsung G8 4k 32inch

    I have had many monitors, but this monitor ticks most of the boxes while still being affordable. It as an anti-glare coating, mini-led and a small curve.

  • Apple magic keyboard

    The only keyboard I can stand, mainly because I do very often switch to laptop only mode and I do not want to deal with another keyboard layout.

  • Apple Magic Trackpad

    No mouse, just a trackpad. Recently switched to this setup and after tweaking the sensitivity a bit it is much easier to use (and looks cleaner).

  • Herman Miller Embody

    The best chair I have ever had, and it feels so durable I may never need to get another one.

Development tools

  • Neovim

    Neovim is my daily editor for working on PHP and experment with Rust.

  • Kitty terminal

    I used to be a iterm2 user, however, the performance of kitty is a lot better. That paired with the built-in multiplexer make it a great terminal emulator.

  • TablePlus

    For the ocasional table lookup, this may be replaced by a cli tool at some point!


  • Raycast

    Small tools a keystroke away, ever since it came out I am a daily user.

  • Arc browser

    The biggest productivity increase for me lately. Monitors are wide and not tall anyway, and this browser keeps thing on the sidebar in a neat way. Together with the sessions and persistent tabs it is just the best browser I have used in a long time.

  • Apple apps

    Just in general, I use the default Apple apps like notes, Messages and Mail. There is a unified flow over all my devices which is just great and sufficient for my needs!